sPark It Liverpool

sPark It Liverpool is a project set up and designed by Transition Liverpool to give a platform to community organisations in the Liverpool City Region. In summer 2021, community organisations and independent businesses will take over the streets of Liverpool, creating pop-up installations in on-street parking bays in order to engage, inspire and entertain the people of our city. The aim is to build a strong network, promote environmental, social, and economic justice, and ensure that each project has the biggest possible impact on our community.

Give poetry A Chance’s instillation idea for sPark It Liverpool is to host a pop-up poetry stand, where a roster of poets could perform to the public throughout the day. There could be makeshift seats for the public to pull up a seat and listen to the performances, as well as an information stand that could contain leaflets on what sPark It Liverpool is and who Give Poetry A Chance are.

To make the performance as environmentally friendly as possible, we would use recycled material for seats and a portable amplifier and microphone for performances.

More information on Transition Liverpool can be found on their social media pages: