“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”

Robin Williams, ‘Dead Poets Society’

All We Are Saying Is… Support Your Local Poets

Give Poetry A Chance: The Anthology

February 2020 marked the one-year anniversary of the Give Poetry A Chance events. To celebrate, we released an anthology containing poems submitted by those who supported Give Poetry A Chance throughout its first year.

All proceeds raised through the sale of the anthology will be donated to Scouse Kitchen, a Liverpool-based homeless support community project.

Give Poetry A Chance: The Anthology (Sampler)

We have released a free-to-download, sample version of Give Poetry A Chance: The Anthology. If you enjoy the sample book, please support Scouse Kitchen and our local poets by purchasing the paid for version of the anthology.

The Vietnam Collection by Cullo

The Vietnam Collection is the first official publication from Liverpool based poet Cullo. The Vietnam Collection comprises of two separate books, A Collection of Poems and Second Edition, merged into one poetry collection. Both books were initially printed in Hanoi, Vietnam, in 2017 and 2018, respectively. The Vietnam Collection contains poetry influenced by passers-by, lyrics and dreams.

Accidentally Poetic by Cullo

Accidentally Poetic is the second official publication from Liverpool based poet Cullo. Accidentally Poetic contains poetry that accidentally came to life between 2018 and 2020.

Somewhere Between Roses & Oranges: Poetry of Place, Space, Life and Love by Laura Ferries

Sit yourself down and unwind with a coffee or a glass of wine and immerse yourself in this floral and fruity spiritual journey. Somewhere Between Roses & Oranges: Poetry of Place, Space, Life and Love. It will take you by the hand, running through the sun, through the rain, through life’s wonderful, magical and messy lessons that we encounter when we are bold enough to strike out of the norm.

Lucid Dreamscapes by Laura Ferries

These poems flow in aqua metaphors: the sea, oceans, rain, rivers, lakes and waves; shipping forecasts, messages in bottles. In writing this Laura allowed her loose-leaf thoughts to brew in a sea where words were woven upon waves, laced into lines and strung together like silk sails into stanzas. Ice, thawing, water, sun and warmth. Our thoughts ebb and flow. Lucid Dreamscapes seem nonsensical but with some conscious control they become resonant and reveal back to us our innermost feelings captured in words and rhythms. This collection celebrates the dream, the conception, the marination, the gestation, the flow and the birth of the thought in words.

A Glimpse at Me…Stumbling through PTSD by Patafea

A Glimpse at Me…Stumbling through PTSD, allows the reader to understand what it is like to live with PTSD from the inside out, through the poetic expression in both words and images from someone who lives with PTSD, brought on by various traumas in the author’s lifetime.

HECK NO! TECH NO! A Humorous Glimpse at the Madness of Technology! by Patafea

If you’ve ever made one TECH-SUPPORT call, had to wade through the countless prompts when calling any business, tried to figure out the multitude of ‘error messages’ on your PC or dodged the ‘spinning rainbow pinwheel’ on a Mac, or are fearful of losing all your files……consider yourself to be in TECHNO-STRESS, have TECHNO-DREAD or perhaps see yourself as being a TECHNO-GYPSY or having TECHNO-PERPLEXITY……you will most certainly relate to and be entertained by the humorous Poems, Limericks, Ditties, Haiku and the plethora of HuMoUrOuS ViSuAlS in, “Heck No! Tech No!” (HNTN) that address the ‘Madness of Technology!’